My studio is located in my home in south nsw.  I do not sell wholesale, but if you would like to get in touch for some other inquiry or a larger commission, please allow a few days for a reply. Thank you!

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317 Jerrara Road
Jamberoo, NSW, 2533

A conceptual weaver.


Tanika Reed is a young Australian weaver based in her small home studio in the south of NSW. She is recognised for her intricately layered knotting technique and eclectic use of found objects and plant material.

Her choice of materials include natural fibres, artificial and dried plants, acrylic paint and antique pieces that carry a significant story of hold historic value. Her work is a romantic oxymoron; the marriage of delicate femininity of woven cotton with the rugged masculinity and strength of antiquated industrial objects, old hand tools and wood burnt timber. Each piece takes days to complete using hundreds, sometimes thousands of knots, the design evolving as her hands work the cotton. She is inspired by the concept of wild nature reclaiming its place in the material world.

Tanika's love of knotting began in early 2014 when her nan handed down her much-loved macramé books. Teaching herself from the vintage pages, she soon discovered her passion for the traditional art and realised its curable qualities for her fidgety hands.

She has a small creative family, her husband is a musician and they have two young daughters. They have a wild passion for God and His Creation. Not a day goes by where they do not thank Him for His incredible work.

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