My studio is located in my home in south nsw.  I do not sell wholesale, but if you would like to get in touch for some other inquiry or a larger commission, please allow a few days for a reply. Thank you!

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317 Jerrara Road
Jamberoo, NSW, 2533

A conceptual weaver.


Hi! My name is Tanika and I live with my husband and three little children on my parents property in the Valley. I have always loved making things from a young age. Making with our hands has been in my family for generations. After my first daughter Dympnah was born, I wanted to find a craft I could do while raising our little kids {also, to help keep my sanity in tact!} I have always found so much joy in embroidery, while the kids would be listening to discmans on the bus to school, I would be embroidering pillows. My nan gifted me her beautiful knotting books and then I also discovered my love of fibre art and macrame.  My work is heavily influenced by my love of flowers, traditional folk art, vintage ornate mirrors, lace work, floral wallpapers and my great nanna's home. We are currently working on growing a little garden of wildflowers and hope to one day live in cottage covered with them.

I have a small creative family; my husband is a musician and currently studying to become a Primary School Teacher. Together we have two young daughters, Dympnah and Charlo and a little baby boy Finn. Our home is filled with craft, art and music and our wild passion for God and His Creation. Not a day goes by where we do not thank Him for His creativity.

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